Tuesday, February 22, 2005

1 slept .. 2 wept .. 3rd swept ..

Most of my posts crib about me not having time. Well atlast i think i have some free time. Exams got over today. The last few days have been a real torture. No, not that i was reading for exams. But because i wasnt able to read. :D So where should i start? I guess from sunday morning. Thats where the last post left it.
A guy peacefully sleeping in his room. Sleeping till it was time for lunch. A sunday. Generally that is a sign that the guy doesnt have much to do. But here was a unique case. He had a lot to do. Exams were starting the next day, and he didnt even know the titles of the chapters. On top of that, he had to finish his honourable project of a year and submit it the next day. So finally he wakes for lunch. Eats to his stomach full. Rarely do people get to eat nice food in the mess. He went to the mess with the resolution that he would prepare full scale, all guns blazing when he comes back. But your resolutions shrink as your stomach expands. 'Too heavy to read now.' So what is the most expected thing to do? No, not sleep, but watch a movie! He watched Closer instead of reading about closure. After the movie (which was nice and different), he does sleep. Finally around 7, he is aware of the world again. Not because his conscience woke him up but that job was accomplished by the fireworks in the adjacent stadium. So then back to the mess. If only everyday was so simple. Comes back and finally gains the courage and energy to start his preparation. Had an exam on monday and then three continuously on tuesday. And the project was to be submitted by monday evening. So after an hour or two of staring interspersed by studying, he finally decides to quit. And back to bed again.
Wake up in the morning. Nope, not early at all. Then start preparing around 9 for an exam at 11. More than enough time, or so he hoped. Went to the exam. Looked at the paper. Just two questions. Had to write one. Selected the one on AI, since he had no idea what Descartes said or Plato proposed. Looked at the answer sheet. Blank! The answer sheet and his mind. He forgot where to start. Looked around. Chaos struck a chord and the writing started. Recollect a single word that you read, write a paragraph based on that. A big break after every page. Each page was a battle won. Then after sometime, he recollected nothing. Just sleep. So what does he do? Sleep ofcourse. After some 10 or so minutes, he is rudely woken up by the Knowledge scribbling in front of him asking for a second additional sheet! And here was our guy, not even reached half of the given sheet. So starts furiously again. Taking the impetus, the window also starts making its presence felt. Every now and them, it cries for attention. Our guy had to go and bolt it down. The bell rang. The paper taken.
The fun has just started. The day was still young. After a hurried lunch, he started editing a paper. Paper? editing? Did he work part time for a newspaper? Editing the team description paper for the rescue team. But what did he do that could be described? Nothing. So most of the paper contained what could be done. :D The submission took place around 6. So finally, the time was ripe to start preparing for the three exams the next day. So what does he do? Sleep again. 8 is destined to be an auspicious time to start the preparation. So it goes on until two in the night. Does that mean that he completed the preparation? Naah, didnt even start anything for the first exam. Wake up in the morning of the D-Day. Yeah early, 7! Read all that can be done in some 15 minutes and go confidently to the exam. Write the exam for some time. Then suddenly you wake up. What happened? Fell asleep while writing the exam! Shake the head and start again. Wake up again. Oh no. The exam was a goner anyway. Then the next one. No sleep this time. Write with total concentration. After an hour, still finds himself solving the first question. Another exam gone away.
Finally after a frantic lunch, attempt to cross the third and final frontier to bliss. A Look at the paper and the decision was made that it would be three bad exams in a row. Anyway, start trying with a heavy heart. Finally solved one. Then he solves another question. And so he goes on . Almost wrote all answers. Well its another matter, how many are correct. So at 3pm on 22nd the feb 2005, He finds himself free of any sort of work! It has been a long time...