Sunday, February 06, 2005

Veritas Horizon ...

I other words, Verizon. The sponsor for CodeCraft. Their GM, human resources came to the campus today to deliver a small talk. It was their idea. They also wanted a report on Threads to be given during this meeting. So, we had given them an itinerary long time back and were supposed to follow it. The major problem that i thought i would face was to get the seminar hall filled with people. I had mailed to students stating that the talk would start at 9:30 whereas it was scheduled to start at 10. At 9:30 as i was walking towards the room, i am approached by their HR who looked worried. He told that he didnt want his GM to face an empty room, hence called him and asked him to come at 10:15. After a few frantic efforts, people started filling the hall. 10:15 came and went. 10:30 was approaching. The supposed audience was getting restless and some started moving out (Oh no!). Finally he came after 10:30. Immediately i went and invited the Dean to come. The itinerary was that the Dean would give a speech, then i would present the report, then the GM would talk and finally answer the questions. But do things anytime go according to plan? The scheduled time was from 10 to 11. The compere didnt know the itinerary (not his fault), hence it lead to the GM being invited first to give the talk. He talked about the corporate jobs, the attitude of employess etc. This was obviously interrupted as has become the norm these days by the one-who-must-not-be-named (though i dont care a damn about placements). It went on till 11:15. Then i was called upon to give the report. I made it short and sweet. Used the same material that we had used for the press conference, just updated it a bit. I spoke for around 5 minutes. And i spoke pretty okay, with no gaffes. Dilip's nod after the report reassured this belief of mine. Then the beloved dean gave his talk about emotional intelligence. It finally ended at 12. One hour behind schedule. Debugging contest prelims was also supposed to end then. And it was the only event that i really wanted to participate. I was then supposed to escort him to the Director's office. In between, he praised me on my speech, saying it was well organsied blah blah. I made use of the time that he was in the director's office to find out the latest information about the events. I was informed that the third session of Debugging was starting then! He came out of the office, and requested us to show him around the building, the labs mainly. So took him around to the research labs etc. A group of five. They three, we two (Gautam and me). During this, he again expressed his appreciation. After that, escorted him to the stall on the ground, then back to the campus. The-one-who-must-not-be-named had also joined the group now, and was talking most, in fact all of the time. Finally he left at around 1. Before leaving, he appreciated the report once again, this time calling me by my name. :D
So where does that leave me? Do i want a job in Verizon? Nah, not really. The bad part, i couldnt participate in the debugging contest :(