Sunday, February 20, 2005

A solitary morning walk

Yeah, just now walked back from the lab. All alone. The air was cool and scented. The fresh dew refreshed my mind. The dark sky invigorated this tired soul. Tonight's work in the project gave me a faint hope that we could qualify. Our chances looked almost nill till now. Another day left. Lets see what happens.

Went home today morning for some peaceful sleep of a few hours. Returned in the evening to do the above said work. Collected the SE midsem papers. Surprisingly i did extremely well. The continuous stream of Fs in the assignment had led me to believe that this subject too was a lost case. Though these midsems do look like a lost cause. Yet to start preparation. Hadnt listened in the classes. Have no idea of what was being taught. And three exams in a day. Continuously. And i need to devote some more time to the Rescue project. So where does it leave me? In my room :D

The sun is yet to wake
slow and breezy is the wind
the night sky will take
the fatigue of this mind

good morning...i am retiring to bed :D