Saturday, February 12, 2005

i had forgotten to title this post ...

02:19:40) pranavasishta: we complement each other well
(02:19:47) me: basically we suck
(02:19:54) me: hav lost direction in this world
(02:20:18) me: and r not helped by the fact that there is no one nearby to drive some sense into us
(02:21:04) pranavasishta: think i could never put it better.

A chat conversation that i had with the sage of my class in the night around 2. And all of it is so true! What are we trying to do? Living life, trying to fit everything into nothing, going about life which though is different everyday, is similar in more ways than one realises. The same sun, the same morning rush, the same missing of breakfast to attend a class which is not worth it, the same dozing of in the class which helps you escape exerting your mind in trying to make sense of the seemingly incoherent mamblings by a distinguished prof, but doesnt help you in getting the much needed rest, the same rush after the class either to another class or to a nearby pc to check mail, the same mails, one from the administration office (some vaccine or another such inane matter) a couple from the lug (a question easily solved through man, and its reply stating the obvious), quite a lot of lost-found and sometimes to break the routine, a mail from some prof. Trying to fit in the available time to do something, though achieving nothing in the end other than a feeling of having worked a lot. What is the point? What are we trying to do?
What is the institute trying to do? "We want to be a research institute". Yet at every available oppurtunity we boast about our 100% placement record. Placements mostly at companies that follow the seriously complicated SE procedures. I dont think doing Pt every morning is going to make a better researcher. Neither would beingimmersed in assignments and classes. Poor first years, I pity them. We were really lucky. Didnt have the pt, the compulsary attendance, nor the place fixation in the classes. And they have grand plans of increasing the strength! For what? Quality is not going to improve. I just hope the institute doesnt degrade and fall into an abyss. It was a bright spark till now. A spark which sometimes falters. but hopefully would collect all its oil and glow cheerily again. ....