Thursday, February 17, 2005

Summer is here to stay .. :((

Unbearable hot sun for the past few days. The last couple of days were spent in completing one of my three projects. The deadline of the submission was strangely at 6:00 am in the morning (yesterday). That resulted in almost all the students of that course stay awake all night in a desperate effort to make their programs work. By morning 6:30, i and my project partner had finished all the coding neccessary and even intergrated the various components. The components seemed to be working fine individually. But then when we ran it as a whole, we got the error that you should get in order to make a correct program, "segmentation fault". Check for the reasons. couldnt find any. We still had to write the documentation. My partner retired to his room, while i realised that blogging had some use. It made writing crap easy ;) and submitted the thing. Then ate breakfast etc. It always feels strange to brush your teeth when you didnt sleep. It sort of feels redundant :d. But anywayz, (i did brush) and just hung around until it was time for class. After the class, we again looked at the program to se if we could do something about the fault. In vain. It seemed to be getting worse. Earlier we were getting the error for some inputs only. But now it was not input specific. It was invariably giving seg faults. But not all at the same exectution step. Each time it was at a different step. Finally we went at 3 to show our non-running program. There was a crowd, all with the same intention. So i thought we would have a final look at the code. Then the process started. We seemed to be getting more errors. But we could atleast find some causes. Most of the other teams' programs were working for atleast some inputs. But not ours. Finally we made it run without any faults. But the output wasnt totally right. Made a few more changes. By this time, most of the teams had shown their program, most of which just gave a segmentaion fault. Finally it was our turn. I wasnt sure that our program was yet giving the correct output. We showed the updated version. It surprisingly ran for all the cases giving the correct output! Ours was the first one to be totally correct. Also it was the first time that our program gave a correct output! ;) So one of three has gone off well.
The second and most important one is lost in doldrums with no way to escape. Its living up to its name ........

The sun is beating down upon us....I want winter :((