Friday, February 18, 2005

Why am I blogging now?

A very pertinent question actually. Though it is a part of the larger question of why i blog which in turn is a part of the largest question of why bloggers blog. Actually this also is a part of another wider question of why people write something like a diary, blog etc.
The actual question is why am i blogging at 3:30am when i am already running short of 12-14 hours of sleep? Will this be my second awake-night of this week? Who cares....
I am writing this post since i have to understand and then enhance a program (should be called a software, it contains so many files and lines of code) which i havent seen till today and which has its comments in german! What a nice job.
To the larger question, Why do i blog?
Answers: (this post may look similar to one of jayaram's )
Ans. Because i like typing
Ans. Because i like writing
Ans. Because i dont feel like doing some work
Ans. Because i can write or rather ramble on.
Ans. Because i have 24hrs free access to net (actually pay for it through fees so i guess we need to fully utilise it ;)
Ans. Because, well, umm, maybe i should fake some answers :D

Some wrong answers:
Ans. Because it gives people a window into my life. (What! nah. this is not true)
Ans. Because it improves my writing skills (they are going from bad ot worse)
Ans. Because i am paid for it (wish it were true)
Ans. Because some people read it (but then why did i begin at all?)

Why do people as such blog? Cant enumerate the reasons now. As regards the last question, i have no idea why any person would maintain a diary, so cant comment on that either.

Someone(a friend) feels that my blog is awesome. :D:D:D Am flattered though i have no idea why he thinks so. (nope, am not trying to be humble (i already am ;) )
By the way, is there any cure to this disease called procrastination? Its microbes seem to have infected every cell of mine. Cant find much clean air these days either.