Tuesday, August 24, 2004

A blooper by Yet Another Blogger !!!

Well, i commited an error in my previous blog, oops No, post :P.
Should never lose a post. I remember just recently i had lost a poem. I was browsing and somehow ended up at this site which gave a textbox asking you to put your poem there. So i wrote one. Just before i started writing, i had clicked on some other link. But, at that time our connection was so fast that the browser went to that link as soon as i had finished my poem :(
They should enable smileys in blogs. It ll give it a more informal feel.
As for searching for a person's blog, thats very very difficult especially if that person has not revealed anything in their profile or has asked it to be kept out of the list.
Lots of work it seemed, yesterday. Half seems to be done now. Actually i did nothing. Just asked others to do it :D.
Better start reading those research papers.......Nah, later. Making the exam, open book has killed any half-hearted attempts that i could have made. I dont seem to be writing any normal old fashioned exam these days.

Blogging frequency has increased tremendously....................
But why should anyone blog ?? I should know !!
Wow, must be the third time that i am writing something before the sun has retired.

Question of the day : Will the Non Cooperation Movement succeed ??
Better look at ranta's blog for answers. He really seems to love his girlfriend. http://wwwus.blogspot.com
Nirnimesh just cuts and pastes all his literary creations.... and his letters..... Nehru in the making ?? They do have the first letter common. :P