Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Everything in a mess

Cant believe it........... :((
Just wrote a big blog. Previewed it and instead of hiding the preview, i pressed 'back' !
:(( :(( :((
Lost everything.... It had something about the mess to Olympics to life to job to sports in US n China to the food in the present mess to Gharshana songs.

Lost all of it. And i cannot create a newer one neither can i recollect the lost one.
Dont feel like writing anything now. But dont feel like sleeping either.
Cant even dare to think of the work i have for the next two days. Its humanly impossible to do it.But somehow it will all be done.

Hey, I need to the title the poem below. My only reader, plz help in that aspect. Actually, you are not the only reader. But yeah, the only reader known to me or even better the only reader to visit it more than once.

So you have the honour to suggest a title to this 'awesome poem' :P
Better post this without previewing......... :)