Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The week i went back to school

I m back to this site after a loong time. Quite a hectic week that was. Quite a interesting and also culinarily delightful one. What with a ***** lunch everday of that week. But i had to sit there for approx 12 hrs everyday begining from morning 8:30. Ofcourse, getting up in the morning was the worst part. But it really threw open a wide unexplored area in front of us poor undergrads.
Is there a theory that as people grow with age, they start asking more questions ? (esp those in the academic field) . I always find the Pgs asking all sorts of relevant n redundant questions, whenever they have the oppurtunity of attending the same class as me. :P
In the School too, the oldest person asked the most questions. But he was a good guy. Almost offered us jobs in his research lab. :D

I think i need to ask Su when i will get to see the interface. As the time goes on, the redundancy of my article keeps increasing...