Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Literature vs Leisurature

Why am i writing a blog when i am supposed to write two 'pieces of literature' ??
On similar lines why do i always, though faintly, remember shakespeare whenever i think of the word literature ??
Or why are we able to write anything we want when we are not asked to but get writer's block when we actually need to write ??
Or why am i asking such NP-hard questions ??

Enough of questions. I also need to improve the quality of my suggested by one fellow-blogger.
Now the important question is that i need to describe my first encounter with Tennyson's Eagle.
What i dont get is, should i write my opinioin abt that 'piece' of literature or can i get away by the describing the class on that day especially Jayaram's WGC !

I better start typing some meaningful literature..... but my fingers seem to go numb as soon as i even attempt to do that.
All this leads to just one conclusion : I cant create 'pieces of literature'.
But if u want any' chunks of nonsense', u can safely approach me.
Ofcourse, even if u dont want anythin, u can 'safely' approach me.

Srry reader, i dont seem to be getting any better at this.............................


coolcat said...

ah, so finally some posts from you. But still the same nonsense :P . Your life seems as empty as your brain dodo dear :D .But i think the quality has improved somewhat :D .

Try for a good comment system :).