Friday, August 27, 2004

Nothing to write...

Along the river, though it was more like a small stream, i was walking. Suddenly i came across a strange sight. There was a boy running quite fast. Galloping actually. Leaping and sidestepping all his obstructions, he approaches the river. Out of breath, he stops at the edge of the bank and looks back. My eyes follow his. I fainlty make out outlines of some group of people. Then i looked back at the boy. His eyes did not attempt to conceal any fear. That was the last time i looked at that innocent terrifed face. He ran across the stream as if it was frozen, never looking back. Soon he was lost in the woods on the other side.
I was still rooted to that spot, expecting the hunting pack to come out any moment. But it didnt. Whatever silhouettes i saw earlier were no longer visible. Made me feel that i had been hallucinating or something. But, the footprints on the wet ground were as clear as the sun on this cloudless day. So i could atleast be sure that there was a boy.
Unmindful of my pleading sensible part which continually reminded of the fate of that curious cat (which wasnt cool by the way) , i prodded on towards the place where i think i had seen the pursuers.
But i never seem to be getting any nearer...........