Saturday, August 21, 2004

Really Amazed !!!

Seems like i blog only late in the night. Anyways i was genuinely surprised to find that i too have an average of some 5 visitors per day. But no one is courageous enough to return :P
So I slept after three yesterday night or shoud it be today morning ?? Hell no, it ll be yesterday morning. :D . Woke up late in the morning, No! i should say afternoon. Why am i talking about it anyway ?

Lost in blogs. Need to be rescued soon.

Along the sea of brightness,
with the darkening sky above
I went with you
Just you, me and my love.

(I m amazed !! frm when did I start writing such stuff ?? anywaz it rhymes pretty well)

Walking softly on the shore,
feeling every grain of the sand.
Happiness consumed me,
just as you touched my hand.

A sound somewhere
A few boats here and there
All of it blanked out
Only you, all my senses sought.

An attempt so feeble
with all the courage i mustered
as I look into your eyes
I find you slightly flustered.

Your hand is slowly raised
gentler than a feather.
points straight ahead
what's the matter ?

My eyes cant take off,
from the beauty that is you.
but i have to look ahead
as desired by you.

Snatching my eyes from their paradise
focus them straight in front
a decision not so wise,
to ashes, my heart is burnt.

An apparition that it is,
I find myself in it
you, no where to be seen!
What does it mean ?

i avert my eyes,
from that ghastly sight.
and try to seek solace
from you, my light.

But a shock i recieve,
as my head turned back
you had silently disappeared
the realisation hit me, whack.

I cringed in total pain
i was worse than a man slain
my vision shut everything,
i could only see black disdain.

From the depths of darkness,
slowly myself, i regained.
the truth itself unveiled
you, i had only imagined.

You were never with me
And i wasnt even on the shore.
All this time, i was just
Blogging as before.

Whew !!!