Saturday, August 28, 2004

Continuation of the below...

I seem to be walking for hours. But the surroundings look all the same. True, i am not particularly knowledgable about trees and foilage, but no matter how farther i walk, i seem to find the same leaf at the same place ! It was slowly getting frightening.
Soon, i did notice some clearance. Quickening my pace, i just prayed to get out of this maze. I may not be sure about the existence of god, but at that moment, i convinvced myself that he existed.
The evidence in favour of his (or could be her or could be they either) existence was strengthened as soon as i finally got out of that repetitive nightmare.

This time i discarded those cat-ish instincts and quickly walked home. Just put the whole incident behind me. I still thought about it sometimes, though. But as with all things good or bad, the frequency reduced gradually and i forgot about it... almost.

Was quickly and sleepily scanning the newspaper before going to brush my teeth. Looked at the last page and was working my way back, when somewhere in some page, some photo captured my eyes.
It was him.
Shook me out of sleep. I looked again. Read the caption below it. It said that something about some floods somewhere in South America ! It cant surely be him. Or did I , during that walk been transported to the other part of the world and back ?
With this thought i transported myself to the sink to brush.
While brushing it struck me. The photograph must have been taken here, and they were trying to pass it off as belonging to that place. But even then it did not clear up the confusion.
Who was the boy in the first place and what had happened to the group chasing him that day ???