Monday, September 27, 2004

Another week

Another week makes a beginning. No wonder Mondays are one of the most hated days. Heard that i missed a lot of fun yesterday :( .Cant imagine the Telugu song nor the Roots one. Must have been real fun. Just a passing thought, why didnt i ever maintain a diary ? I always had a good supply of diaries. Generally gave them to others or used them for other purposes. I suppose a big bunch of them are still lying in my house. It has been found that lonely people do maintain a diary. But not me :D. Well does that prove that i was not lonely when i was young? I think it only proves the obvious - too lazy to write.
I wonder how i keep writing posts in this blog. I guess, typing isnt as boring as writing. Yeah, it actually feels good to touch the keys. Especially now that i can type without looking at the keyboard. It took two years! But i think the major difference came in these summer hols when i started chatting. Never tried to improve typing using those silly looking tutors. Hence, though the speed os okay now, the technique isnt. Who cares?
Unsolicited advice : want to improve your typing without getting bored - start chatting, not with one or two, but with 5 or 6 at the same time.

i better think of some names for the poems that are below, though i want to name only the last one and the one under the title 'Really Amazed'
So i hereby name the poem dated august 21 as 'While i was blogging'
And for the one just below - ...dont remember it, will need to read it again.
Yeah okay, i shall call it ....cant find anything suitable. Will try some other time.
By the way, can the below poem be considered even remotely funny? Someone plz say yes, i dont want to break the vow. Did not recollect the vow, while i was writing it, actually i am surprised i wrote it. Was feeling very sleepy then. Just plopped on the bed as soon as i published it.
This sounds good. My poems have been 'published' :D