Friday, September 03, 2004

A day not so common

Well quite a day it has been. It Began with me rushing to the English Class. I am destined to sit in the last row for a quite a few classes. Even if i go early i ll have to sit in that same place because he's going in some serial order while asking for each one's input on a HG Wells' story.
Surprisingly, felt a little bored in that class. Then had to rush immediately to DWDM. I dont know what happened to Pudi. Not that he was any good earlier, he just seems to be degrading day by day. Today, he tells one thing initially and then later completely changes it. But we ask so many questions that finally somehow i understood everything. :) Felt verry sleepy after lunch.
Today, I took my first tutorial. I had to check their assignments. Something related to CGI in Python. Python ?? Have no idea about it. And these people learnt it all in their second sem. So what else can i grade their assignments on other than the output ? So just looked at some python examples before going to the class. Then at 3:15 or something entered their lab. No one seemed to have noticed my presence. :( Coolly walked towards Rakesh and was chatting with him. Then, at last, someone saw me and offered to show his assignment. Who else was it other than the only junior in my wing! Looked at his output of all the programs.
These people didnt do the assignments well. In place of phone number, i could as well give A-Z alphabets and it would coolly accept it. Not one really implemented anything realistically.
I just commented on their output, asked them to show the code, and was marking them.
Met an assortment of characters. One guy was so tensed that he had to type his password thrice to log in. Another guy did not know which file contained which code.
Yet another guy, was reading out what was clearly visible to me. I told him that in so many terms. Then, i started multi-processing. Was evaluating the assignments of two people at once. I also wrote their marks in a coded format. :D
Rakesh tried to decipher it but was unsuccessful. The most funny part was my questions. I asked them to explain their code, and they went on telling something, which sounded like Latin to a non-python guy like me. Just looked at their confidence and the output and graded them. But now i seemed to understand a bit of python. Seems as gigantic language as the snake. Evaluated the assignments of some 15 people. More than 10 didnt show up, i suppose.

So escaped from there in an hour. Then after a bit of much required relaxation, went to a most boring Foundation Day ceremony. It consisted of only drab boring speeches.
As usual, i was teased at the flimsiest of chances. I didnt even walk to the chairs that i hear my name being called for some twisted reasons. Then, if the CDE lady comes to speak, i am picked upon again. :)
But all in all, it was fun. Our ongoing DA exam will end tomorrow.
I hope i ll finally attend Networks tomorrow.