Thursday, September 23, 2004

No title for this one

So isnt the above sentence false ?
Well cool air is blowing here, it had just rained.
Went to the swearing-in ceremony, as i seemed to be the only non parliamentary member, i was asked to take the photographs. Brought the dig-cam from the server room, and also a dubious floppy. Didnt know how to use it. The Prof showed me how to handle it. He was no expert at it either. Well anyhow, i started taking the photographs. I took them and took them. So finally, all the MP's were sworn in. Then i went to the lab and checked the floppy. :((
It contained just two photos. What happened to the rest ? Lost in the abyss of that digital world, i guess. And the irony was that of those two photos, one was a general one, and the other was that of the Campus-Life secretary being sworn in !!!

Want to do something now...anything other than sitting in front of this intelligent box.