Tuesday, September 21, 2004

With Varuna and Dilip

Had to go to Indira Nagar from a long time. Somehow chose this day..actually this afternoon, found Dilip and off we went. A little distance we went and then started questioning the sun's motives. It was nicely resting till then, but then our footsteps on the road seem to have woken it up. And it came to have glimpse of us. Well, soon reached the place, got all the required work done and then we were about to return. The sun was nowhere to be seen. Instead a few big drops of H2O started appearing. We ignored them and just were coming back. But then without much of a warning, it was raining as hard it could. A few more steps and we were totally drenched. No place anywhere near to shelter ourselves. So we continued along... and got wetter and wetter.. were totally dripping from head to toe by the time we reached the institute. There is something between me, dilip and rain. Whenever the first two are walking together, alone, the third one makes an appearance.. I just lost count of the number of times this has happened...........

As i expected, no one knew about the exam. When would it start ? And where should we sit ? All this pointed out the possibility that the office had no idea about this exam. Which turned out to be true. So questions were written on the board ! I remember, the last time i wrote an exam from the questions on the board was back in class sixth. Or am i missing some such incidents ?