Thursday, September 09, 2004

A lot is Happening ...

Blogging after a relatively long time. No particular reason, but there are many reasons . Never dreamt that i would be standing in an election in this phase of my life, well i am not quite contesting in it, but it is almost the same nevertheless.
What are our chances ?
No one seems to have any idea. But these elections have surely caused some divisions within the batches. Luckily no such thing seems to be happening in our batch. Or is it ? Well atleast nothing regarding me, thankfully.

I had a very tiring day today. Starting with the exam, then continuous classes, then i realised i had a to take the tute on my own, lots of problems regarding it, then had to argue with J about my algorithms, then watched the match against some Reddy College, then played TT for quite some time. It was exhilarating to play TT after such a long time. The TT table seems to perenially occupied this sem. Finally heard this talk that some people are actually campaigning for the elections !!!

I just hope elections dont cause any unneccessary bad-blood between these people. But then again, do i really care ?
Hey, but now i want to win :D
Dont know what to do now... too tired to do anything.... to tired to sleep either.
Just want to talk with someone i guess. Was talking with pranav while i was writing this post. A real nice guy he is :D

Wish us BoL !