Friday, September 17, 2004

I dont want to sleep now

I dont know what to do ? It is very late at night. I am feeling a bit sleepy (what with the breathless day that i had) but i dont want to sleep. So what should i do ? The question arises. But the answer refuses to rear its beautiful head. And hence, the question is left gloating its apparent invincibility. By the way, did 'Da Vinci' mean inVincible ?. What we see is what we are decieved with. So since i had nothing to do, i as well could write a post here. So thats what i am currently doing. But does it serve any purpose ? I mean if you are doing something just because you dont feel like doing anything, then what is the whole point in doing that something ? What am i saying ?
Whoa....This is going to be my first post through linux. It feels so good to be using linux again. But the major disadvantage with Linux is that it i comparatively much slower than Windows. But, then again, it should not be compared with windows. Linux is the future.
Well.....i may as well go to sleep......But i dont want to.