Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Havent seen much of Networks

Networks. Heard a lot about the subject, the prof and the grading before i attended even a single class. The introduction class by itself made it quite clear that this prof has a few sadistic qualities. Attended all the classes till August (they werent many anyway) Then began the MAS. Hence I missed all the Networks classes in the first fortnight of the month. Then when i came back, the guy went on some kind of tour. Another week passes by. Finally in the final week of the month, i get to see him after a loong time. I hope i hadnt seen him. He was so so so boring. Also quite inaudible for more than half the class. Then for the next two classes, i didnt have the drive or the energy to wake up for the class in the morning. Finally yesterday i resolved to attend the today's class.
Today. Woke up at 8:20 ! for a class scheduled at 8:30. Got out of the hostel at 8:30 sharp. Even took a bath (a very very quick one). So reached the main building after two mins. Out of breath. About to go to the first floor, when i am confronted by few other batchmates. Apparently, we couldnt make it. X-(
Who in the hells cares for this guys classes. I really cant find a reason to attend his class. Attendance? Someone is bound to put a proxy for me.
Henceforth, i ll be minimally seen in Networks classes.