Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A fleeting look,
a stolen glance
wasnt it sufficient
to put me in a trance ?

My eyes dart again
and try to regain the sight
an attempt not lost in vain
i find myself on ecstasy height.

A third look i craved
but it was not to be soon
many dreary days i braved
and dreamt of that moon

my patience started failing
my eyes started aching
deprived of what they seeked
my heart, they started nagging

Revisiting all the previous heavens
i searched for it, wherever it be
My desire , you originated whence ?
many searches, none gave glee

Broken down and distraught
what sorrow i had brought
upon my innocent self
by having glanced at that elf

Curse the day,
i laid my eyes on... first,
and never i could see a third
until that wretched day
i was a free bird.

But now, whenever i fly,
i only wish to see again
the sight, entrenched in my mind
to all other beauties, i am blind

I no longer look sane
i keep cringing in pain
but then i realised my folly
and once again,
started being jolly