Saturday, September 11, 2004

Elections are going on!

So there seems to be some politics here. Contenders are threatening and bribing. Well atleast some seem to be doing. Why was it neccessary for the faculty to have elections for the parliament. Earlier too we had a parliament, but it was almost non-functional. It would be at loggerheads with the management, and would resign. So basically it was a failure. So how would elections help in this regard ?
Well one major difference it would make is that people are now atleast aware of what is actually going on. After the Parliament is formed in this manner, atleast the students would know, who are the memebers etc. Also this makes the parliament really responsible to the students.
But will the parliament have some real powers this time around ??
Only time will tell, but maybe it wont. But this elections sure have cropped up a lot of issues which could have been done without. And also, i thought there was the unwritten rule that, the secretaries should be from the final year ? Well this rule has surely gone for a toss, but many voters may still follow it, i think. Well the saving grace is that there are no posters hanging around. Cant imagine how the campus would look if the elections are conducted on a big scale. It would become some normal local University i suppose.
Well have been 'talking' for a long time now. Atleast i better post this thing