Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Pc n DF

Yesterday was a hectic day again. Classes throughout the morning..then buying a pc for dilip took all the rest of the day. Well the popl class in the morning will forever remain etched in my memory. Though i will take some well deserved rest in the evening. But no. Spent some time in the lab and debugged all the bugs that we ever had. Then thought i will atleast sleep soon after midnight. But no again. Was immersed in the online Discussion Forum till late 3'o clock. Did not feel like getting up in the morning. But i had to go to class. Not only because of my attendance, but for that of a few others also. But as luck would have it, he did not take the attendance. I could have as well slept in the room instead of the classroom. Well atleast the English class was cancelled. Thanks for that. I realise i need to do its assignments. But dont feel like it. Will do it soon, i hope.