Friday, September 03, 2004

Wanted to write something...

Well i just felt like writing something now. But as usual the problem is what should i write ? Shall i start about bits and bytes or birds and bees ? Oh No ! Better not to write anything then to write such a thing. Slept quite well afternoon, yet felt sleepy the whole day. I feel sleepy yet, dont want to sleep. A desire that does not rear its head. But its invisble field makes you sound utterly ridiculous.

Just looked around,
there's something to be found
An object not very long
to someone, sometime
it did belong.

Sharp and shiny,
glinting in the light
not big, not tiny
invisible in the night

half covered by sand,
just about peeking out
just a bit of sun it sought
extending my hand,
I tried to pull it out.

i tugged and tugged
not an inch, it budged
I looked at it for a while
it seemed to give a wry smile

Ignoring it, i could have left
but my curiosity urged me on
how could i leave it bereft
so i tried again with energy reborn.

any amount of power
just made it sink lower
since physical attempts
proved futile
i had to apply some guile

I squat down near
and all the sand around it
I started to clear

The wind too was curious
helped me with a force furious
every grain of sand was carried away
revealing the object which beneath lay.

golden with a glitter
a shape of oblong
when hit by my finger
made a sound 'gong'

It seemed so exquisite
with its shape so queer
i decided to take it on a visit
and show it to each of my peer

Lighter than a feather,
smoother than leather
From where could it originate
hey, it seemed to vibrate !

Startled, i looked at it
and observed it closely
entrenched in my palm
it felt a bit warm
Then, began my alarm

i dont know what came about
but it seemed to rot !!

Disintegrating bit by bit,
the gold turned to sand
each grain as it released itself
slipped out of my hand

It wholesomely crumbled
and as i could do nothing,
I mumbled and grumbled

The palm, a proud owner
just a moment ago
is now a loner.
what a big dent to its ego !

Dusting my hands,
I walked again
the whole exercise amounted
to nothing but a bit of pain.