Friday, October 01, 2004

Better not read this...

Almost continuously writing another post.
Looked at the phrase : Time-to-live. Though it was something regarding networks(computer), i just looked at its literal meaning.
Time to live ? What does it mean ? Which is the best time to live ? The present ? Again the inevitable question arises, whats the point of life ? Had a lot of silly discussion about this with the usual discussers(did i coin a new word?) Some said that their ideal life would be solitary on a nice island with sufficient food, one also wanted books for his pastime there, the other said he would use his currently dormant brain. But is that the ideal life ? I say no. I would get really bored quite soon. Though they didnt seem to agree.
Coming back to initial question, is there any point to life ? The unanswerable question i suppose. And life is full of them. Maybe the point of life is to findout the point of life. Whatever it means... Dont know why i am writing this, than doing better and useful things like falling asleep.
Falling asleep! Do u fall into deep cavern, only to climb out when you wake up ? Why was the body designed such that it needed rest ? An evolution characteristic which developed due to the day-night system of our planet, i suppose.