Monday, October 04, 2004

Music n Dance

Last week was a hectic one (again!!) I guess my blog is getting boring, if i keep on ranting about my 'hectic weeks'. The Musical Nite was simply a superb affair. Insomnia rocked! They were jsut superb. Played like professionals. Acted like them too. The second string band wasn't lacking behind in any way either. Kiran's 'Zombie' was just mind-blowing. I dont see how anyone can get more closer to the original. Have been listening to Cranberries for the past five days. All the time spent in trying to get a decent folk dance for Vayu went in vain. Finally, the western ones came to rescue and did some folk,otherwise, we may not have had an entry at all! Danced all the time during the 'dance party'. Amazed myself, never expected to dance that much.
Why am i writing my daily stuff here? Dont i have anything better to do? I dont know. Felt like writing a post so i am doing it.
Ravi was reading my blog someday, and then he moved onto other things. I asked him whether he found it boring, he truthfully replied in the affirmative. So i thought about how a blog can be interesting. I guess it will only be interesting to someone, if the topic being discussed is of interest to that person.
" Interest lies in the mind of the Reader"
In this case, i suppose i as a person am not so interesting to him :D.
This blog id is 7331341. I think this would be my 32nd post. Till now there are some 31 comments excluding some 3 were lost due to haloscan. I cant obtain the statistics regarding the number of lines, words etc, or can i? Hey, i can - i have written some 6652 words till now, excluding this post. It also says that i had some 97 profile views till now, and that my average is two posts per week. I guess the average time that i write a post would be around 2:30 am. I hope that my parents dont come to know this. They would be aghast to know that i stay awake so late everynight. :D
So with this sentence i am going to end the 32nd post in BlogID 7331341.