Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Had to post ...felt like blogging

Why do people put filters in pine? They put filters like personal, for all mails addressed specifically to them. And each time they check mail, they need to go each such folder and check whether they got a mail. It would be much less work if they let such mails remain in their inbox. I think you should not use something just because you know how to use it. I could be being a bit harsh. Ofcourse filters are quite useful when you are expecting a large amount of mails regarding a specific topic etc. Filter or no filters, mails will still come.
I dont think i can stay without checking mail every half an hour. I have become a 200-pine freak.

Havent advanced a line in this post after the previous one as i am being continuously bombarded with IMs. This sentence is coming after a long time. I did a queer thing today in literature class. Did not feel interested in what he was talking about, and i just felt like writing something, so i started writing. I wrote down most of what he said along with my comments which went on for some 6 pages. I dont remember writing this much notes after the first year (maybe not even then). I ll put them all on site someday, the day which grants me with infinite patience.

I realised that one can most creative in the early mornings after a good nights sleep which unfortunately is a rarity for me. Even then, the only progress that i made in my story has been early in the mornings.

What is the point of life anyway? What would happen to the toppers if they get an F in networks ?? What difference would it make to life if my sentence ended with the this word? What am i writing anyway? Am i going crazy? Or are you? Is this a question? Will it have an answer? Should i preview this or post directly? Should i even post this?

I guess we know the answer for the last question. :D