Thursday, October 21, 2004

Calculus.....lambda calculus

Almost a week since my last post. Evidently i have been very busy. At no point during this duration were both me and my pc free at the same time. Spent a lot of money in these few days too :( . But i also got my second pay :D.

Popl test, what a good experience. Studied intermittently between 2 and 3 in the morning, for actually some 15 mins. Then another 15 mins before going to write the exam. By the way, this subject doesnt deserve any more of our time. The best part was that, no studying was required for the questions asked in the exam. I thank the prof :D
Some people were quite tensed even about this exam. Below is a chat conversation which lead to a funny situation.

myownsiddharth: u there
mythalez: yeah
myownsiddharth: from where are u studying calculus
mythalez: frm shantinarayan
myownsiddharth: is that a book
mythalez: yeah
myownsiddharth: urs
mythalez: yeah
myownsiddharth: can u lend it to me
myownsiddharth: after u read
mythalez: ok
mythalez: if u want it u can take it now
myownsiddharth: when
mythalez: coz i need it later
myownsiddharth: wat time
mythalez: come here and take it
mythalez: now
myownsiddharth: i will take it for the night
myownsiddharth: say after 12
mythalez: no i'l need it at night
myownsiddharth: till wat time time
mythalez: if u want it take it frm me now
myownsiddharth: when do u want it back
mythalez: till 5 in the morning
mythalez: any time
myownsiddharth: till wat time i can keep it with ya
mythalez: till say 12
myownsiddharth: can i take it again at 5
myownsiddharth: or 6
myownsiddharth: in the morn
mythalez: yeah sure
myownsiddharth: i'll be there in 10 mins
mythalez: ok
myownsiddharth: bye
mythalez: bye
mythalez: n
myownsiddharth: wat
myownsiddharth: i am coming
mythalez: ok

that was dilip chatting as mythalez from my pc. Coincidentally i had one 50 year old Shanti Narayanan book in my room. So here comes the guy, looking for the book. I hand it over to him as soon as he enters my room. Then he starts looking in it for the topic 'lambda calculus'. :D
For the ignoramuses, Shanti narayanan is the author of a famous book on calculus (of the diff, integral kind) where as lambda calculus is something related to programming.
Asks questions like "kahan hain yaar, differential mein hai ki integral main ? etc" After a lot of searching in the book, he gives up and pleads me to either point out the relevant pages to him or teach him myself. We gave a lot of subtle hints, but he was too tensed to even understand that someone's leg is being pulled.
Finally, had to ask him - "what did u think? Differential calculus, Integral Calculus, and then Lambda calculus??"
Poor guy :D:D:D

Need to do a lot of things...but not doing any :D.