Saturday, October 23, 2004

rain rain come again

Its suddenly started raining :)

rain rain come again and again
the sun is just a pain
all other seasons are vain

Wrote that contest yesterday, some questions were too easy, and some too tough. Most of the time was spent in trying to parse the input (by mostly everybody). So i guess that means that the questions could have been better. Twice again next week. I hope we will atleast qualify from IIIT :D if not more.

An excellent book can be written about our lives here at IIIT. I think much better than that 5.someone. :D:D I suppose it is not as realistic as it could be. Especially about the fact that they work for some 3 hrs everyday for their 5 cg!! Here, i dont think anyone other than the 10-pointer reads so much. They also had to call it a plan with a nice sounding name for what we do usually here - copying assignments. Maybe things were different during the 90's in iits. I have no idea. The part about the girl was well written. I guess that must have been the best way to get a girl into the picture. All in all, the book was an excellent one. Quite interesting and funny. Even those who dont read often have been reading this book in one go. Also i guess this book is the closest to our life here. All this reminds me that pending story. :( Need to write soon. But what!!