Saturday, October 09, 2004

Cant think of a title

I am writing this post since i have nothing else to do. Or rather not interested in doing anything.
How often does orkut open without an error? Cant believe that it's also a google offspring. DF is truly working...but i want better threads. The present ones arent so interesting. Neither are my posts :D. Finally i am back on some decent sleeping schedule.
Saving Private Ryan, an awesome movie, though i knew that long before actually watching it, i dont think any war movie can get more realistic.
My post is resembling any other normal post which one can see on innumerable blogs!! NOoo! need to do something about it.
A story is to be written. The author doesnt actually want to write it. But he had a choice and he chose this one. So now he has to write one. Writing a story is no big deal. But when there is a need to write one, then it does not seem so easy. Stories..innumerable must have been told till now. A lot more are still left untold. Will there come a time when no new stories are left? I mean can the human race exhaust all possible stories ?? Well that is impossible. But what about the core theme of the stories. I mean can there be infinite themes as well ?
I just pose questions.
On similar lines, what about the possible tunes ? I mean music wise.

Windows, why are u so hard on me :(. I just hope i am third time lucky .......
Let me warn you, anymore trouble, i might as well install someother OS........