Monday, October 04, 2004

Watching the Sunrise

Well, after a lot of sleeping in the past few days, theres none today. The sun is about to rise now. Hey, earlier people used to wake up early to watch sunrise, nowadays we just need to sleep late to do the same thing. :D

A streak of light through the dreary night,
misty hue in air, hanging with all its might.

the sight brightens, something enlightens
the vast grass, its greenery heightens

the formation of rocks, it slightly mocks
at my unwashen face and the tangled locks.

my sleep deprived eyes, aloud it cries
'staying awake all night is unwise'

a glimpse of sun, i wait for one
but the cloud cover, attempts some fun

blocking out the rays, my patience it preys
no glance of sun, my sleepless soul dismays

the dark cloud, though temporarily shroud
the perennial sun, ultimately won !

with the breaking daylight, a marvellous sight
with the chirping sparrows, i slept tight.