Friday, October 01, 2004

the titles of my posts

Just looked at all the titles of my posts. Most of them state a very obvious fact which is that i had nothing to write. I guess that is because i write the title first then the post.
Had just 10 hrs of sleep in the last 50 hrs. Actually, 62 hrs.(Lots of math has gone into these figures:) But most of the time spent has come to naught. Realised a very important thing, that more than capability, interest or enthusiasm in doing something is more neccessary. Also just realised an important virtue of mine :D. That i am usually the last person to give up. That too because there is no one else willing to further the cause along with me. Though it sounds like a very good quality, it has its disadvantages. For one, no point in trying something that is not possible. Ofcourse, the decision of what is possible or not, again lies with me. So we should also know when to quit. More importantly, when not to quit.
Sometimes, your instincts are so very correct. Makes you think whether there is some divinity involved, or it could just be coincidence. We do not remember when our instinct failed us, but think again and again where it succeeded.
I am using 'again' again and again.
A parting mention - It feels real good to be appreciated. :)