Thursday, October 14, 2004

Messed up sleep

Why the hell am i sitting in front of this intelligent box at 3 in the night when i have nothing to do and have had insufficient sleep the past few days? Because i have become a day-sleeper, cant fall asleep at night. I looked at my orkut profile. It gives an impression that i sleep all the time, which is totally contrary to the actual fact :((. What has IIIT done to me! From someone who slept for more than 9 hrs to someone who doesnt even sleep for 4 hrs sometimes!! Why am i cribbing, by the way? No one is stopping me from falling asleep, its all my fault any way :D.
The guilty condemns the crime.

Looked at my blog...and realised that all the time i either talk about myself or crib about lack of sleep :D. Better change the attitude of my posts, something different is required.

Abstract once again -

I know that i neednt do it. Neednt wait for it. It is of no use. Most probably, the wait would be in vain, if not, the gain wouldnt be much anyway. But the loss due to waiting like this most of the time could be immense. The loss has not been determined as yet. But it has a very wide range. But the little spark of hope is never extinguished. (Remembered today's english class, 'sight and speech extinguished') Its not that if the hope hadnt been, then i would have moved on. Would still stay there in despair. Despair! Why? No idea. Since none is present. The fingers type what makes not much sense. The reader attempts to comprehend the maze but fails and just moves on to either the next post, next blog, or something else. I look at this later and think, what was i trying to say anyway? Well, i wasnt trying to say anything, was just trying to fill up space and time. Fill time....pass time until the time is up. But time as it is ...moves on by itself.
A none-ug3-IIITian has viewed my blog. I just hope he hasnt read one particular post.