Friday, October 15, 2004

To The Sole Reader

A sigret is a sigret. Sometimes, one just feels in a certain different way. It may not have a reason, no apparent cause. Do not feel good, actually feel horrible. No apparent reason. Feel a lacking, what is it? Dont have a clear idea. But somehow feel that it could be some thing. Not even confident about the analysis. Then reminiscence throws up some vague notions. Then start thinking about those incidents. Start a whole lot of thinking processes. A small lacking may ignite a big desire(i am sick of this word, but cant find any suitable substitute). So then memories about the various feeble attempts made are remembered. Then, patience as a virtue seems to be the ideal one to exercise. But the whole problem had arisen due to too long a wait, hasnt it? Any small attempt may be preempted by hundreds of apprehensions. So, in the end, what comes out is nothing. But maybe just a stupid post :P