Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Just trying.............out

A time of the day, everyone walking around, going about their own business, not really giving a damn about anyone or anything else. There is that old one, rushing along as usual, late as usual, yet trying to be on time, as usual. But no, there is some difference today. Some imperceptible change. Not noticeable unless you tried hard to notice it. An attempt to distinguish something that was supposed to be hidden rarely meets with success. But, there is some difference today. Clearly visible to those who care to notice it. But what about those who prefer to continue their lives ignoring any scent of change, acting as if it is just an temporary thing that would disappear in a millisecond? Going about, not even acknowledging the difference that is so obvious to others? But who constitute the others? a very small majority i suppose. A small majority? Well, yes since the other big majority does not even bother to utlilise their voting rights.
But the change is quite distinguishable. They all know it, just fear to acknowledge it. Every now and then, a small movmement gives away this fact. A small look on those faces which strive as anything to be straight gives away their secret. Its not the eyes that are blind, but the mind. The mind is not blind either, it just refuses to open the eyes. Well maybe, the mind's eyes are open too, they just refuse to focus.
All of them refusing to accept the change in the hope that it is nothing but a dream whereas a dream if any is what they are living in.
Better to understand the reality and suffer than to be happy in an illusion. Because then, when the reality strikes, it strikes too hard.