Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Pc n DF

Yesterday was a hectic day again. Classes throughout the morning..then buying a pc for dilip took all the rest of the day. Well the popl class in the morning will forever remain etched in my memory. Though i will take some well deserved rest in the evening. But no. Spent some time in the lab and debugged all the bugs that we ever had. Then thought i will atleast sleep soon after midnight. But no again. Was immersed in the online Discussion Forum till late 3'o clock. Did not feel like getting up in the morning. But i had to go to class. Not only because of my attendance, but for that of a few others also. But as luck would have it, he did not take the attendance. I could have as well slept in the room instead of the classroom. Well atleast the English class was cancelled. Thanks for that. I realise i need to do its assignments. But dont feel like it. Will do it soon, i hope.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Another week

Another week makes a beginning. No wonder Mondays are one of the most hated days. Heard that i missed a lot of fun yesterday :( .Cant imagine the Telugu song nor the Roots one. Must have been real fun. Just a passing thought, why didnt i ever maintain a diary ? I always had a good supply of diaries. Generally gave them to others or used them for other purposes. I suppose a big bunch of them are still lying in my house. It has been found that lonely people do maintain a diary. But not me :D. Well does that prove that i was not lonely when i was young? I think it only proves the obvious - too lazy to write.
I wonder how i keep writing posts in this blog. I guess, typing isnt as boring as writing. Yeah, it actually feels good to touch the keys. Especially now that i can type without looking at the keyboard. It took two years! But i think the major difference came in these summer hols when i started chatting. Never tried to improve typing using those silly looking tutors. Hence, though the speed os okay now, the technique isnt. Who cares?
Unsolicited advice : want to improve your typing without getting bored - start chatting, not with one or two, but with 5 or 6 at the same time.

i better think of some names for the poems that are below, though i want to name only the last one and the one under the title 'Really Amazed'
So i hereby name the poem dated august 21 as 'While i was blogging'
And for the one just below - ...dont remember it, will need to read it again.
Yeah okay, i shall call it ....cant find anything suitable. Will try some other time.
By the way, can the below poem be considered even remotely funny? Someone plz say yes, i dont want to break the vow. Did not recollect the vow, while i was writing it, actually i am surprised i wrote it. Was feeling very sleepy then. Just plopped on the bed as soon as i published it.
This sounds good. My poems have been 'published' :D

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Sleeping late ..too late

Read Catcher in the Rye yesterday night. Quite a strange book it was. Well, i never encountered this style of writing earlier. I heard that it is a classic and is sort of used in schools etc in the west! Its as different from the traditional classics as it could possibly be. It really is. I suppose the author was very true to the lingo of a typical seventeen year old of that time. An excellent and very very long analysis of the protagonist can be made. But i just say that he appeared to hate human conversations and humans in general...except very few individuals. Actually i dont think i am even remotely qualified to say anything about such a popular and well read book.

Now i am going to get abstract. Very abstract. I really am.
Not sure of what lies beneath. There is always the hope, that i would obtain/achieve ... But what do i really want, i do not know. I am not very sure. I look at the various options, some evidently almost out of reach, some which could be reached, if conscious efforts are made towards them. But as usual, hesistancy is a major factor. Dont want anything to be known or even slightly clear to the externals. In fact, there is that really major doubt of whether or not too much importance is being given where none is officially required. Maybe at the right time, oppurtunity would present itself. And trying to hurry matters may actually push or even obliterate the possible emergent oppurtunity. Once again, the question arises, what actually is craved for ?
Physically what is wanted...consciously what is desired...mentally what is needed. Its is certainly not just an object. Cannot be definately pointed out physically. It is much much more i guess. But is it even 'it' ? Maybe such a thing is not even possible? Another important question is, why do is it considered needed? Is that a genuine desire, or better, requirement or is it just a fancy fad?
Whenever a slight chance is noticed, thoughts about making an attempt are born. But they do not grow into actions. Or by the time, an action is ready to be executed, it becomes redundant. Luck plays a major part. Maybe, only it plays a part. Maybe maybe.

I better try and advance in my agent thing. It seems to be getting stagnated so often. I hope we are not taking it to coolly. But the factor which determines the work is not at all related to it. So late again will i be able to work tomorrow morning? :((

A droopy eye,
an unheard sigh
so very tired,
why dont you lie

the body is anxious,
the bed it cries for.
the mind though exhausted
wants to be awake more.

some slight disappointment
some slight frustration
but what is the cause
there's no revelation

an yawn makes an appearance
the eyes no longer sense
the hand decides by itself
and removes the lens

There's no alternative left
this poem should end now
preparing to go to bed,
this author retires with a bow.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

No title for this one

So isnt the above sentence false ?
Well cool air is blowing here, it had just rained.
Went to the swearing-in ceremony, as i seemed to be the only non parliamentary member, i was asked to take the photographs. Brought the dig-cam from the server room, and also a dubious floppy. Didnt know how to use it. The Prof showed me how to handle it. He was no expert at it either. Well anyhow, i started taking the photographs. I took them and took them. So finally, all the MP's were sworn in. Then i went to the lab and checked the floppy. :((
It contained just two photos. What happened to the rest ? Lost in the abyss of that digital world, i guess. And the irony was that of those two photos, one was a general one, and the other was that of the Campus-Life secretary being sworn in !!!

Want to do something now...anything other than sitting in front of this intelligent box.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

With Varuna and Dilip

Had to go to Indira Nagar from a long time. Somehow chose this day..actually this afternoon, found Dilip and off we went. A little distance we went and then started questioning the sun's motives. It was nicely resting till then, but then our footsteps on the road seem to have woken it up. And it came to have glimpse of us. Well, soon reached the place, got all the required work done and then we were about to return. The sun was nowhere to be seen. Instead a few big drops of H2O started appearing. We ignored them and just were coming back. But then without much of a warning, it was raining as hard it could. A few more steps and we were totally drenched. No place anywhere near to shelter ourselves. So we continued along... and got wetter and wetter.. were totally dripping from head to toe by the time we reached the institute. There is something between me, dilip and rain. Whenever the first two are walking together, alone, the third one makes an appearance.. I just lost count of the number of times this has happened...........

As i expected, no one knew about the exam. When would it start ? And where should we sit ? All this pointed out the possibility that the office had no idea about this exam. Which turned out to be true. So questions were written on the board ! I remember, the last time i wrote an exam from the questions on the board was back in class sixth. Or am i missing some such incidents ?


I hate studying for exams... Well but take home exams seem to be no better as was evident for DA.
So how else can we be graded ? I have no idea....Just that i hate reading for any sort fo exam. And this time i put as minimal effort into this as i could. i hope i dont do too badly....But then again, i dont seem to care any longer..... tch tch

Friday, September 17, 2004

I dont want to sleep now

I dont know what to do ? It is very late at night. I am feeling a bit sleepy (what with the breathless day that i had) but i dont want to sleep. So what should i do ? The question arises. But the answer refuses to rear its beautiful head. And hence, the question is left gloating its apparent invincibility. By the way, did 'Da Vinci' mean inVincible ?. What we see is what we are decieved with. So since i had nothing to do, i as well could write a post here. So thats what i am currently doing. But does it serve any purpose ? I mean if you are doing something just because you dont feel like doing anything, then what is the whole point in doing that something ? What am i saying ?
Whoa....This is going to be my first post through linux. It feels so good to be using linux again. But the major disadvantage with Linux is that it i comparatively much slower than Windows. But, then again, it should not be compared with windows. Linux is the future.
Well.....i may as well go to sleep......But i dont want to.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

No title for the previous one...

I forgot to put a title for the previous one. Tch tch. But i adhere to my policy of not changing a post after i publish it. So i am not modifying it. The important question here is, how come i am writing such sentimental poetry ? What ever happened to poetry i used to write in school, all funny and simple ? I should attempt my previous style whenever next i feel like writing one. Well, so the next poem in this blog will be something which atleast attempts to be comic...I hope this vow is realised. Or will the case be that there is no next poem in this blog ??
Who knows...........I do :D

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A fleeting look,
a stolen glance
wasnt it sufficient
to put me in a trance ?

My eyes dart again
and try to regain the sight
an attempt not lost in vain
i find myself on ecstasy height.

A third look i craved
but it was not to be soon
many dreary days i braved
and dreamt of that moon

my patience started failing
my eyes started aching
deprived of what they seeked
my heart, they started nagging

Revisiting all the previous heavens
i searched for it, wherever it be
My desire , you originated whence ?
many searches, none gave glee

Broken down and distraught
what sorrow i had brought
upon my innocent self
by having glanced at that elf

Curse the day,
i laid my eyes on... first,
and never i could see a third
until that wretched day
i was a free bird.

But now, whenever i fly,
i only wish to see again
the sight, entrenched in my mind
to all other beauties, i am blind

I no longer look sane
i keep cringing in pain
but then i realised my folly
and once again,
started being jolly

Monday, September 13, 2004

Too tired to blog........

Well, had a strange day today. Actually started with yesterday night. I was about to sleep early at around 11 but finally ended up sleeping at 4 in the morning. Then woke up with great difficulty to attend Networks, a very bad decision i can say on hindsight. He did not even attempt to teach anything. Will have to learn some networks now. Then came back and went back to sleep. Was disturbed quite a lot. I wasnt feeling well at all, but to top it all of, i had to take a tute today. As if the topping wasnt sufficient, the cherry was that the other tutor conveniently excused himself stating other important work. Which meant i had to take a small lab test sort of thing for some 50 students who would be distributed in two labs. Thanks a lot to Bell, who helped me with it. Otherwise, i would have just postponed it i suppose(this was actually a postponed tute). It must have been one of the longest in history. Went on for some two and half hours. Then i had to go that project meeting. I dont know how i looked, but i must have been looking real sick, the Prof noticed it and asked my well being. Well after that, i thought get back to my sweet room and rest peacefully, but was tempted on the way to play TT. I dont know how i was able to play, what with the cold and weakness, i did not concentrate at all, and hence i played well!

Enough of this boring day. What is happening in this institute all of a sudden. Lots of misunderstanding and enmities. The Parliament and its elections sucked, but now attempts are being made to deliver the same fate to Felicity. I hope Su is able to handle it well and quells this unrest. It was instigated by the worst person in IIIT.
When and how can he be kicked out ?
It looks people sudden realised that they better do some work and earn some recognition.. but that doesnt mean they try to force their way into this. They should have earned their position. Where were they all last year ?

With dreary eyes and tired face, he is looking at the screen...........
The fingers are straining to reach the required keys. ..........
Now the hand is making the feeble attempt to grip the rat and move it to the destination coordinates. Now the index finger is gathering all the energy that it can muster to press that seemingly innocuous button. And then the dreary eyes scan at a rapid speed and try to detect any errors. Found to spelling errors. After rectfying then (which took a considerable amount of time since there wasnt any power left anywhere), the last action is taken.
With straining cell in the body, i publish this post................

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Elections are going on!

So there seems to be some politics here. Contenders are threatening and bribing. Well atleast some seem to be doing. Why was it neccessary for the faculty to have elections for the parliament. Earlier too we had a parliament, but it was almost non-functional. It would be at loggerheads with the management, and would resign. So basically it was a failure. So how would elections help in this regard ?
Well one major difference it would make is that people are now atleast aware of what is actually going on. After the Parliament is formed in this manner, atleast the students would know, who are the memebers etc. Also this makes the parliament really responsible to the students.
But will the parliament have some real powers this time around ??
Only time will tell, but maybe it wont. But this elections sure have cropped up a lot of issues which could have been done without. And also, i thought there was the unwritten rule that, the secretaries should be from the final year ? Well this rule has surely gone for a toss, but many voters may still follow it, i think. Well the saving grace is that there are no posters hanging around. Cant imagine how the campus would look if the elections are conducted on a big scale. It would become some normal local University i suppose.
Well have been 'talking' for a long time now. Atleast i better post this thing

Thursday, September 09, 2004

A lot is Happening ...

Blogging after a relatively long time. No particular reason, but there are many reasons . Never dreamt that i would be standing in an election in this phase of my life, well i am not quite contesting in it, but it is almost the same nevertheless.
What are our chances ?
No one seems to have any idea. But these elections have surely caused some divisions within the batches. Luckily no such thing seems to be happening in our batch. Or is it ? Well atleast nothing regarding me, thankfully.

I had a very tiring day today. Starting with the exam, then continuous classes, then i realised i had a to take the tute on my own, lots of problems regarding it, then had to argue with J about my algorithms, then watched the match against some Reddy College, then played TT for quite some time. It was exhilarating to play TT after such a long time. The TT table seems to perenially occupied this sem. Finally heard this talk that some people are actually campaigning for the elections !!!

I just hope elections dont cause any unneccessary bad-blood between these people. But then again, do i really care ?
Hey, but now i want to win :D
Dont know what to do now... too tired to do anything.... to tired to sleep either.
Just want to talk with someone i guess. Was talking with pranav while i was writing this post. A real nice guy he is :D

Wish us BoL !

Friday, September 03, 2004

Wanted to write something...

Well i just felt like writing something now. But as usual the problem is what should i write ? Shall i start about bits and bytes or birds and bees ? Oh No ! Better not to write anything then to write such a thing. Slept quite well afternoon, yet felt sleepy the whole day. I feel sleepy yet, dont want to sleep. A desire that does not rear its head. But its invisble field makes you sound utterly ridiculous.

Just looked around,
there's something to be found
An object not very long
to someone, sometime
it did belong.

Sharp and shiny,
glinting in the light
not big, not tiny
invisible in the night

half covered by sand,
just about peeking out
just a bit of sun it sought
extending my hand,
I tried to pull it out.

i tugged and tugged
not an inch, it budged
I looked at it for a while
it seemed to give a wry smile

Ignoring it, i could have left
but my curiosity urged me on
how could i leave it bereft
so i tried again with energy reborn.

any amount of power
just made it sink lower
since physical attempts
proved futile
i had to apply some guile

I squat down near
and all the sand around it
I started to clear

The wind too was curious
helped me with a force furious
every grain of sand was carried away
revealing the object which beneath lay.

golden with a glitter
a shape of oblong
when hit by my finger
made a sound 'gong'

It seemed so exquisite
with its shape so queer
i decided to take it on a visit
and show it to each of my peer

Lighter than a feather,
smoother than leather
From where could it originate
hey, it seemed to vibrate !

Startled, i looked at it
and observed it closely
entrenched in my palm
it felt a bit warm
Then, began my alarm

i dont know what came about
but it seemed to rot !!

Disintegrating bit by bit,
the gold turned to sand
each grain as it released itself
slipped out of my hand

It wholesomely crumbled
and as i could do nothing,
I mumbled and grumbled

The palm, a proud owner
just a moment ago
is now a loner.
what a big dent to its ego !

Dusting my hands,
I walked again
the whole exercise amounted
to nothing but a bit of pain.

A day not so common

Well quite a day it has been. It Began with me rushing to the English Class. I am destined to sit in the last row for a quite a few classes. Even if i go early i ll have to sit in that same place because he's going in some serial order while asking for each one's input on a HG Wells' story.
Surprisingly, felt a little bored in that class. Then had to rush immediately to DWDM. I dont know what happened to Pudi. Not that he was any good earlier, he just seems to be degrading day by day. Today, he tells one thing initially and then later completely changes it. But we ask so many questions that finally somehow i understood everything. :) Felt verry sleepy after lunch.
Today, I took my first tutorial. I had to check their assignments. Something related to CGI in Python. Python ?? Have no idea about it. And these people learnt it all in their second sem. So what else can i grade their assignments on other than the output ? So just looked at some python examples before going to the class. Then at 3:15 or something entered their lab. No one seemed to have noticed my presence. :( Coolly walked towards Rakesh and was chatting with him. Then, at last, someone saw me and offered to show his assignment. Who else was it other than the only junior in my wing! Looked at his output of all the programs.
These people didnt do the assignments well. In place of phone number, i could as well give A-Z alphabets and it would coolly accept it. Not one really implemented anything realistically.
I just commented on their output, asked them to show the code, and was marking them.
Met an assortment of characters. One guy was so tensed that he had to type his password thrice to log in. Another guy did not know which file contained which code.
Yet another guy, was reading out what was clearly visible to me. I told him that in so many terms. Then, i started multi-processing. Was evaluating the assignments of two people at once. I also wrote their marks in a coded format. :D
Rakesh tried to decipher it but was unsuccessful. The most funny part was my questions. I asked them to explain their code, and they went on telling something, which sounded like Latin to a non-python guy like me. Just looked at their confidence and the output and graded them. But now i seemed to understand a bit of python. Seems as gigantic language as the snake. Evaluated the assignments of some 15 people. More than 10 didnt show up, i suppose.

So escaped from there in an hour. Then after a bit of much required relaxation, went to a most boring Foundation Day ceremony. It consisted of only drab boring speeches.
As usual, i was teased at the flimsiest of chances. I didnt even walk to the chairs that i hear my name being called for some twisted reasons. Then, if the CDE lady comes to speak, i am picked upon again. :)
But all in all, it was fun. Our ongoing DA exam will end tomorrow.
I hope i ll finally attend Networks tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Havent seen much of Networks

Networks. Heard a lot about the subject, the prof and the grading before i attended even a single class. The introduction class by itself made it quite clear that this prof has a few sadistic qualities. Attended all the classes till August (they werent many anyway) Then began the MAS. Hence I missed all the Networks classes in the first fortnight of the month. Then when i came back, the guy went on some kind of tour. Another week passes by. Finally in the final week of the month, i get to see him after a loong time. I hope i hadnt seen him. He was so so so boring. Also quite inaudible for more than half the class. Then for the next two classes, i didnt have the drive or the energy to wake up for the class in the morning. Finally yesterday i resolved to attend the today's class.
Today. Woke up at 8:20 ! for a class scheduled at 8:30. Got out of the hostel at 8:30 sharp. Even took a bath (a very very quick one). So reached the main building after two mins. Out of breath. About to go to the first floor, when i am confronted by few other batchmates. Apparently, we couldnt make it. X-(
Who in the hells cares for this guys classes. I really cant find a reason to attend his class. Attendance? Someone is bound to put a proxy for me.
Henceforth, i ll be minimally seen in Networks classes.